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The Above picturized machine is an innovation done for to reduce manual efforts to perform an recipe. A recipe for human addiction which gives ecstatic feeling when consumed.

This analysis is no brainer’s observation in certain part of Vidarbha (Maharashtra, India) and Adilabad. Well basically it is machine which helps in preparation of mixture of baked Beetelnuts, tobacco and lime (Calcium Oxide). This mixture is called as Kharra and can be flavored with multiple condiments to suite the customer.

This Kharra upon consumption gives a kick and ecstatic feeling for some time and addictive one need 2 to 5 doses in a day.

Now you may be wondering what it has to do with farmer suicides.

The price of this ecstatic mixture Kharra varies from 10 to 25 rupees considering least 2 doses a day makes it yearly 10*2*365 =7,300 of minimum and on higher side on somewhere around 18 to 20 thousand.

Neither beetle nuts grows in vidarbha nor does the tobacco mean none of revenue goes to local farmers.

This is prima facie & monetary impact on pockets of farmer. While beetlenuts and tobacco are very well known for its cancer causing properties and combined with lime makes a deadly combination in mouth, food intake and digestion track.


When this kharra is supported by wine and gambling it’s a complete death trap for the family and makes all members vulnerable, degrades the family financials.

If you take up tour Vidarbha region, Kharra & daru are supported by carom cafes which are becoming betting hubs. These hubs have become the time pass of younger generation where hardly people are exchanging thoughts on progress or taking decisions to improve the situation.

Now who are all these folks engaged in these activities, most of them are educated sons of farmers, who at a times feel shy of working in their farms. In few instances they are asked by farmer parents to not to work at field and focus on study. Here we should observe the this time pass is taking pie from man hours at farm.


The Policy makers who are working on farmer suicide issues for Vidarbha region must look into Kharra culture, which basically thrived because no employment opportunities available locally.


We need a serious thought replace the kharra, daru and Carrom enterprises with farm based village enterprises that could turn the fortune for Vidarbha youths and farming population.

There are multiple other reasons which are contributing to suicides are Low Price for farm produce, Crop Productivity, Floods, Fear of failure, Social Status, Relevant Markets, Droughts, No Access to finance, Health Problems, Dowry, Irrigation, Hailstorms, Bank Loan Recovery, High Farm Input Costs, No Food Processing Units, Untimely Rains, Not able to fund education of children, Agri Information Access, Depression, Private Money Lenders, High Labor costs, Less crop Alternatives/dependency on single crop, Coal/Cement Transport, Spurious Seeds, Self-Education, Mines Coal Based Power plants, Labor scarcity.


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