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In a buzz of Statups, AgTech Startups are on the rise, most of them are coming from the techies who served in IT industry and has some connection to Agriculture.

Many of founders are working on to create new age innovations for farming like using drones to diagnose the crop stress and suggest appropriate action which could help farmers to improve crop yields

While there are few smart farm implements being developed which does facilitates the easy land preparations, inter crop cultivation or facilitate easy harvest.


We are also coming across few Agtech startups who are focusing on to measure of soil nutrients with sensors and automate Fertigation and irrigation

All these innovations created with an dedication to solve the issues of the farming community, needs to reach farming community but for the startups reaching out to farmers takes much time and cash. It needs extra human resources and fund,s to carry out Sales and Marketing.

Agrowbook has with its presence among farmers in India and with Agribusiness Vendors, can help you to reach out to farms, well it can be a pilot and learning phase for you. sometimes it can be feasibility study for your innovation that you planning to work on.

So bottom-line, leave Go to Market strategy of your startup to us in India and focus on product/service development.

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Subhash Lode