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Production of high-grade quality cocoons and timely supply of required quantity of disease-free silkworm eggs prepared on systematic and scientific lines to the sericulture farmers is one of the prerequisites of egg production. To achieve these objectives, technical packages need to be adopted. Quality standards of silkworm seed. 8. Quality standards for the kind or variety of silkworm seed: Explanation: For the purpose of this regulation. (a) “fecundity” means number of eggs in a disease free laying;. (b) “hatchability” Looking for Silkworm Egg Farming? Find out information about Silkworm Egg Farming. the production of healthy, viable silkworm eggs from the moths of the Chinese silkworm and the lappet moth in special sericultural breeding stations and egg... Explanation of Silkworm Egg Farming.
Silkworm: Seed Production and Rearing.
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