Chintakindi Mallesham developed "Asu machine", which automated the process of spreading 10.5 km of silk thread around 41 steel pins for making a Pochampally saree. The manual process was tedious and women from weaver families had to move their hands 9,000 times to make one saree! This machine, which has been named after Mallesham's mother, can make a saree in about one and a half hours as opposed to five hours in the manual process. The mechanised process, besides increasing productivity (eight sarees a day!), has reduced drudgery and allowed variety in style and design. The cost of one machine is Rs.16, 000 and may come down still further on mass production. This worthy son, without any formal education, developed this machine to ease the pain and suffering of his mother. In the process he enhanced the quality of life of many other women weavers in Nalgonda and Warangal districts in Andhra Pradesh. The state government has recognised the innovation and decided to supply the machine to all the waver families with 75% subsidy.
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