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This intervention is about integrated fish farming where scientific fish farming has been undertaken through renovation of ponds along with duck rearing and vegetable cultivation. Given limited farm lands and low crop productivity on small landholdings, integrated fish farming has proven to be a unique and attractive option. An NGO called Gram –Utthan with the support of UPNRM took up the challenge to introduce this innovative model to the local farmers to increase their incomes. Farmers have learnt to integrate and rear fish, ducks and geese. The banks of ponds are used for raising fruit bearing trees like banana, papaya and also for vegetable production. The project with NABARD’s loan renovates existing ponds, provides capacity building trainings to farmers and give them quality feed and vegetable seeds. The farmers who used to scrape all together not more than 500 to 800 kg fish per hectare, now getting an abundant harvest of 3000 kg. A total number of 100 farmers are benefiting today from this project.
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