Jack Zemlicka here to share with you what we have planned for our May 28 edition of Strip-Till Strategies.
It's no secret that the comfort zone for most strip-tillers lies between 30-inch rows, allowing ample room for corn plants to emerge and making equipment maintenance easier.
But there are those who are thinking outside the conventional corn planting zone.
In this issue's editorial, I share one strip-tiller's experimental approach to a twin-row setup, using a traditional single-row planter and what he hopes to learn before fully committing to the system.
Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to hop in the cab with Nebraska strip-tiller Ron Kadavy during corn planting. He shared his strategies and goals for fertilizer placement and use of organic blends to improve soil health and boost corn yields, which are the focal points of this week's main feature story.
And with many strip-tillers constantly tweaking and modifying their rigs, we take a look at how one Illinois farmer designed and built a homemade tool bar as a cost-efficient approach to the practice.
As always, I invite you to share your strip-till story with me, at jzemlicka@lesspub.com
And don't forget to register for our first ever National Strip-Tillage Conference coming up this summer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Until next time, thanks for listening. I'll see you in the field.
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