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Feature Teak wood Tissuecultured Saplings
August 7, 2017 Store Agrowbook
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<p>Best Tissuecultured plants produced in state of art Laboratory</p>
<p>Temperature between 18°C to 50°C<br />
Teak can be grown in red soil or deep black loamy soil<br />
Usually, soil with 5.8-7.5 ph is suitable for teak cultivation<br />
Alignment of teak sapling: Distance: 10 ft x 10 ft<br />
Plants per acre: 440 plants</p>
<p>To cater to the needs of huge demand by the customers, we are engaged as manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of Tissue Cultured Teak Plant in the market at present.</p>
<p>Specifications:<br />
This particular product is resistant to termite and weathering<br />
It is a deciduous tree that is dominant in mixed hardwood forests<br />
Tissue cultured teak plants have the same characteristics of the mother plant, hence has no branches, and has the non-flaky trunk.<br />
The uniformity in height and girth results in excellent volume and quality wood.<br />
Returns on yield would be high, as the formation is 75% heartwood and only 25% sapwood.<br />
Prevents up to 30% wind damage to other crops when chosen as a fencing plant because of its uniform growth<br />
We provide optimum quality Tissue Cultured Teak Plant for Farming and are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of the same.</p>
<p>Features:<br />
Excellent in terms of growth<br />
Utmost usage<br />
Positive environmental impact</p>

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