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Read till the last line. Download the Farmer Balance Sheet App from below link. Create a Crop  for a type of cultivation method that you are using, Chemical Based, Organic or ZBNF. Enter all the required expenses that you have incurred for that crop including the value of your work, money you could received if you could have given the land on lease. Enter the Earnings that you have received in selling section. Here you Balance Sheet for a crop is prepared, and you now know if you are in Profit or in Loss. 1. If you are in Profit, Analyse your expenses and optimize where you can cut down the expenses to become more profitable. 2. If you are in LOSS, you still have 2 ways to become profitable          a. Check you expenses and verify if you can cut down to be on profit making side          b. If you feel that your LOSS can not be bridged, SIMPLY LEASE THE LAND AND FREE YOUR SELF FOR SOME OTHER WORK. In this scenario your income double (Income  from leasing the land + Income by performing other work ) Don't be EMOTIONAL about FARMING be PRACTICAL. Because you being farmer have to run a family and educate your kids.                        

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Individual farmer’s land that is to be developed under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA should be treated as a project with the following conditions.  1. The individual land owner shall be a job card holder and also work in the project and the proposed activity should be part of annual shelf of projects.  2. All projects to be executed under MGNREGA have to be approved by Gram Sabha.  3. No contractor shall be involved in the execution of work. 4. No labour displacing machinery shall be used in the execution of work.  No labour displacing machinery shall be purchased / hired. Can NREGA be used for farmland