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by Surasak Tumcharoen


BANGKOK Rob Kelley Jersey , March 28 (Xinhua) -- The planned lifting of martial rule, which was enforced in Thailand since last year's military coup and the adoption of a constitutional rule to replace it, will only make a "slight" difference in the country's political climate, according to a noted university academic.


In an interview with Xinhua Saturday, Thammasat University's political scientist Pongkwan Sawaddipak said although Premier Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha had pledged to lift martial law and apply Article 44 of a "temporary" constitution, promulgated as an aftermath of the bloodless coup Zach Brown Jersey , will not make any significant change in the Thai political climate while the world community will still keep a watchful eye on political developments of the country.


Some analysts, however, have said that the lifting of martial law would be a step in the right direction and would be welcomed by majority of the Thai people.


The premier, who led the bloodless coup that toppled the government of former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra last year, has said that he will take "full and sole responsibility" for the planned enforcement of the Article 44. The article is primarily designed to contain public unrests and other acts deemed detrimental to national security and peace and order.


Prayut, however D.J. Swearinger Jersey , declined to tell the Thai public how soon Article 44 will replace martial law.


The academic said that unlike martial law, Article 44 cannot be enforced without prior and direct orders from the premier.


Under martial law, the military is empowered to arrest those suspected of organizing or conspiring to sow public unrests anywhere throughout the country. These alleged conspirators could be detained in military barracks for a period of time during which their attitudes towards the military regime may have been "re- oriented."


The detention of the suspected "troublemakers" at the Army barracks could last for several days or months before they could be released without criminal charges filed against them.


A number of former legislators attached to a once-ruling Pheu Thai(for Thais) Party, political activists and university students have been arrested after they apparently incurred the ire of the military regime by calling for a quick return to democratic rule.


"The world community will not see any significant difference between martial rule and Article 44 as long as freedom of expression is denied. The military will manage to keep the pro- democracy people silent, with or without the martial law," Pongkwan said.


He said that the only difference seems to be that the military may apply martial law at any time without prior approval from the premier but they cannot do so without the premier's specific orders under Article 44.


The premier Stacy McGee Jersey , who concurrently heads the National Council for Peace and Order, the official name of the ruling military junta, earlier remarked that he had concerns over the possibility of public unrests if the martial law is lifted but that he still planned to implement Article 44 anyway.


Gen Prayut did not confirm or deny criticisms that he will finally lift martial rule under mounting pressure from the world community led by the United States and the European Union.


The political scientist said that even with this change, the world community would continue to press for a quick return to democratic rule in Thailand.


Gen Prayut had earlier implied that a nationwide election might be held in the latter part of this year or early next pending the approval of a permanent constitution by the Constitution Drafting Committee and the adoption of the needed political reforms.


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- The white Ford Bronco that was used by former soccer superstar O.J. Simpson in the infamous chase in 1994 when he tried to evade Los Angeles police, is up for sale Terrelle Pryor Jersey , the local KTLA TV reported Thursday.


The car involved in the 60-mile (102 km) pursuit through Los Angeles which was broadcast live around the world, was regarded as a historic item by the owner Mike Gilbert, Simpson' s former agent.


Gilbert bought the car from "A.C." Al Cowlings, who was Simpson' s friend and former teammate in University of Southern California.


During the chase, Cowlings drove the car and spoke with police on his cell phone while Simpson rode in the back, armed with handgun. They were followed by helicopters and hundreds of police vehicles before eventually surrendered.


Gilbert revealed that he had been offered lump-sum payment of 500 Preston Smith Jersey ,000 U.S. dollars for the Bronco, the report said, adding Gilbert touted that the car is the most viewed vehicle in history, ahead of the car that former U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated.


But experts familiar with automobile auction don' t believe this car could be sold out at any price closing to 500,000 dollars.


Jeremy Brown, a sports memorabilia expert Brandon Scherff Jersey , was quoted by the KTLA as saying that the notoriety of the car and the chase probably make it worth more than 100,000 dollars.


Patric Wang, a businessmen living in Los Angeles who chairs a charity group to organize sports car and classic car shows, told Xinhua Thursday, in terms of resale and collective value, the Ford Branco usually had not so much demand among the auto collector society.


"However Montae Nicholson Jersey , with the fact OJ is a NFL (National Football League, in the United States) football legend, it would have added some historical value to it, for that reason, some collectors might pay above market value premium to acquire such item," he said Samaje Perine Jersey , "on the other hand with the works famous murder case, how OJ is known ever since, it awkward anyone who would pay good money for the car unless they are seeking for permission public attention."


"Personally this particular Ford is worth nothing but the blue book value to me," he said.


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