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When the dollars are hard to come by it means being a little more creative in the clothes shopping department. It doesn t mean though that swimwear has to be considered a luxury that one cannot afford.

It seems when the clothing budget gets tight many women will sacrifice their swimwear and cut down their water borne activities. It doesn t have to be that way. With a little bit of careful planning and some ingenuity any woman can have not only a full selection of swimwear but a very good quality fashionable one as well.

Start with the Bargains

It s quite obvious that when we go shopping for the one or two piece bathing suits that the basic blacks are often the ones that are on the bargain rack. As of now Women's Elandon Roberts Jersey , though this can work to your advantage. With what you are going to save on your bargain buy, you can put towards another type of swimwear that is going to turn the basic black suit into something superb. This can all be done by shopping around for the perfect swim skirt andor swimdress.

Transform the Bargain

There are some classy swimskirts available on the market. If you shop around and perhaps choose something from last year s colors or the end of the line, you can still make a very formable fashion statement. Just think about how that hot pink sheer floral swimskirt is going to look worn over top of that plain jet black bargain rack bathing suit you just picked up for next to nothing. In fact, with the savings you made there you can probably afford to purchase two swimskirts. So now Women's Adam Butler Jersey , you have three spectacular and very different looks as part of your swimwear wardrobe. Add a couple of pair of inexpensive beach sandals to this attire and you have enough swimwear outfits to take you through the entire summer.

Make one Swimdress Work for Two Occasions

If you are an individual that really enjoys the water but is also expected to occasionally attend those office pool parties then you can cover all of the swimwear requirements with one basic swim dress. To begin with, swimdresses are exactly that, meaning dresses that you can actually swim in. So for those days that you want to enjoy the water activities with the kids the swimdress will work quite nicely.

When those pool parties come up however, there is no need for you to rush out and buy a whole new swimsuit as your swimdress is going to be perfect. Just pick a nice looking pair of sandals Women's Mike Gillislee Jersey , an inexpensive sun hat that brings out your facial features and a pair of funky sunglasses and you will look like you just stepped off the summer swimwear catwalk. All this without hardly spending any money.

So as you can see you can easily build a most prestigious and elegant swimwear wardrobe on a shoestring budget. In fact, it is a most enjoyable challenge to do this kind of shopping because of the personal satisfaction it brings when you receive all those wonderful comments about your swimwear attire.

Wu Ze (R) wins against Yang Jianbing and to become the champion of the ONE Guangzhou Flyweight Tournament. [Provided for chinadaily]

Overseas organizers of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events are swarming into China, the birthplace of kung fu, one of the most popular types of martial arts Women's Rex Burkhead Jersey , hoping to tap the gold mine in "the world's biggest market" as the governing body loosens its grip on the sports industry.


World Series of Fighting, also known as WSOF and an American MMA promotion based in Las Vegas, opened its Greater China headquarters in Haikou, Hainan province Women's Lawrence Guy Jersey , on Sunday.


WSOF is expected to stage a debut event in China on Hainan Island in October, adding to the surfing island's charm to sports fans with exciting MMA matches.


ONE Championship, the largest MMA organization in Asia, turned up at South China metropolis Guangzhou with a night of heart-thumping action on June 20.


It was the second event that ONE Championship has staged in China after making a debut in Beijing in 2014.


Fighters from all around the globe battled inside the ONE cage at the sold-out game in Guangzhou. In the main event Women's Stephon Gilmore Jersey , Russian fighter Timofey Nastyukhin defeated Yusuke Kawanago from Japan.


Chinese fighters also took the spotlight with spectacular clashes of featherweights and flyweights. Huang Diyuan became winner of the ONE Guangzhou Featherweight Tournament after defeating Ma Jiawen, while Wu Ze took home the win against Yang Jianbing and became the champion of the ONE Guangzhou Flyweight Tournament.


Loren Mack, senior director of public relations of ONE Championship, described the development of MMA in Asia as "astronomical".


Founded in Singapore in 2011 Women's Dwayne Allen Jersey , ONE Championship has rapidly grown into Asia's largest MMA organization with a global broadcast to more than 1 billion homes across 75 countries, partnering with FOX and STAR Sports.


With more than 90 percent of the market share in Asia, ONE Championship now stages 24 events a year.


"We are tremendously optimistic about MMA's prospect in China," Mack told China Daily.


"China is the birthplace of kung fu Women's Trey Flowers Jersey , with stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan having won fans all over the world.Chinese audiences can watch MMA matches with no volume on TV," Mack added.


"They can understand the fight and the skills, which makes the fight more entertaining for them to watch."


The senior PR director of ONE Championship said that he has seen the demand for MMA events in China grow with the media and business partners inviting the organizer to come back after the first ONE Championship event in the country was held in Beijing last year.


Mack revealed that his organization is planning to stage MMA events in Shanghai, Chengdu and Xi'an in the future.


Chinese people's interest in MMA has grown over the past years.


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