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With the power of issuing a parking ticket being transferred to the Local Councils from that of the police Kent Bazemore Jersey , the number of tickets issued to motorists has seen a steady increase leading to many people taking course to appealing for a parking ticket.


Certain people claim the fact that the reason for huge increase in parking ticket appeals is because of the Local Authorities and the subcontractors collect the parking fines for getting more and more revenues rather than in reality collecting the parking fines for increasing transport revenues. Thus this is the theory behind spontaneous increase in parking ticket issue for years and years.


Apart from this, the huge jump in the parking fine amounts per se also work as a reason behind appealing for parking fines.


A good idea would be to just go ahead and appeal your parking ticket if you think you did not have any fault. Chances are that the local council representative would not even turn up for the event and 50% motorists anyways win such appeals.


However parking tickets do serve a purpose. If no one was ever issued with a parking ticket, then there would have be chaos and confusion on the road; the Local Council would have smaller financial constraints for supporting their travel taxes or they would have raise revenues in the form of Council Taxes.


Though this is the theory of parking ticket issuance and the subsequent payment of parking fines for breaking the law Josh Smith Jersey , the reality however is centered around traffic wardens pressurized to issue more tickets in order to collect more revenue locally.


A motorist planning to park in a public car park or public road should first look out for any street signs or road markings that might be present in the vicinity. In case he is still unsure, it is best not to park there as against getting a huge parking fine or having to appeal the parking ticket.


The good news is that appealing a parking ticket is a simple task unlike what many tend to believe. Despite this fact, about 99% of all drivers choose to pay the fine than appeal. It just needs a simple and basic letter written in plain English directed to the local council.


So is sitting down and writing a 10 minute email or letter to save you up to 120 pounds really too much hassle for you? Of course it is not. The fact is that majority people do not realise its so easy. There are companies online who will supply you with a letter template or even handle the appeal for you.


For a successful appeal you need to prove that the parking ticket was invalid. One can do this by providing photographic evidence stating either that you did not do the offence Ersan Ilyasova Jersey , or parking sign were non-existent or not properly displayed. Since two-third of parking tickets that are issued are actually invalid, one might safely say that you have high chance of winning your appeal.


It might so happen that what is given in the parking ticket does not match. For example, it is given that you parked wrongly in Smith Street while in essence you were in Smith Road. Thus Dwight Howard Jersey , in such cases you can go by the technicality way and iwn your parking ticket appeal.


There is a new phenomenon of private companies issuing parking tickets. . The tickets looks very similar when compared to the original one, the only written form changes which says like “Parking Charge Notice pay within 14 days for a reduced rate. Non payment will result in us contacting the D.V.L.A. for your details.”


It can be safely said that private parking tickets are more of an invoice than an actual parking ticket as they do not have any real legal base. Even if one writes to them for appealing, it will always be turned down. Thus Dominique Wilkins Jersey , these are mere empty threats which should be dismissed.


To make my point clear let me set an instance of one company called Euro car parks which according to my knowledge has never taken anyone to court for non payment of their parking fines.


And if such company’s do take you to court, they would have to prove you as a registered keeper to show you as a party to a contract in the first place. (Entering their car park will mean entering a contract) Thus, they have to prove you were driving at that time and even if they can do that Dikembe Mutombo Jersey , all they would be entitled to is 2 pounds for an hours extra parking.


To conclude one should not pay attention to any private parking company issuing illegal tickets. Ignore them or simply do not pay even if they send you 3 or 4 time threatening letters.


For all other parking tickets visit the parking ticket appeal service company below for assistance.


Visit the site at, and find out about a successful Parking Appeal. Get more info on how to appeal a Fixed Penalty Notice from here.

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